Vienna, Hofburg facade renovation

Hofburg Fassadensanierung
Hofburg Façade renovation
Hofburg Façade renovation
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Heldenplatz – Facade renovation of the ballroom wing – Hofburg
1010 Vienna, Heldenplatz 1

Client: Burghauptmannschaft Österreich

Construction time: 6 months

Construction specification:

The stone facade of the festival hall wing on the south-western main facade is being cleaned of sintering and dirt using a sandblasting process and then restored. In the process, faults will be filled and joints repaired.
The facade is divided into a rusticated, banded plinth zone and an upper zone divided by pilaster strips and recessed by shafts. This zone also contains lion’s head brackets and the attic section above consists of attic balustrades with covered ox-eyes between postaments.


Gußhausstraße 16, 1040 Vienna


Phone: +43 50 828 - 1000

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