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Vienna head office

Since its completion in 1908, Gußhausstraße 16 in Vienna’s fourth district has been the head office of Pittel+Brausewetter. This is the base for management, the technical and financial division, plus the technical civil engineering, marketing, IT and data, purchasing and controlling, human resources and business administration departments.

Vienna head office
Inzersdorf office

Vienna-Inzersdorf office

Our office adjoining the central building yard in the south of Vienna is home to departments dedicated to general civil engineering, restoration and protection of historic monuments, housing and industrial construction plus contracting work, structural engineering, new builds and reconstruction, as well as road building in Vienna and south Lower Austria.

Vienna-Inzersdorf central construction yard

The 10-hectare central construction yard site is located ideally for transport connections in the south of Vienna on the corner of Laxenburgerstraße and Oberlaaer Straße. The site houses the central workshop, a machinery park and vehicle fleet, an in-house laboratory for quality control, a gravel silo, administrative buildings plus modern production plants for asphalt, concrete and the recycling of building materials.

ContraCon, one of the leading building material recycler and group subsidiary, is also located here.

Central construction yard


This regional site has been operating since 1978 and moved to a dedicated location in a new industrial estate in 1990/91.The site has an office and residential building for employees based there.

The Nitzing construction yard close to Tulln, which belongs to the branch, has a modern asphalt plant, asphalt recycling plant and various workshops with additional resources.


In 1978 the Zistersdorf Maustrenk branch was founded in former local school buildings. Its service range focuses in particular on road building, sewer construction and paving for the local region.

Zistersdorf Maustrenk


The Herzogenburg location came about with the incorporation of the Zwettler Tiefbau subsidiary. Today the Pittel+Brausewetter team are regional specialists primarily in road, sewer and pipeline construction along with paving.


This branch is located centrally in Eisenstadt in east Austria, and offers road, sewer and pipeline construction for the entire region along with paving.

Subsidiary Bratislava

Slowakei – Bratislava

Our branch in Bratislava has a newly adapted office building, its own asphalt mixing plant, extensive storage space and a modern fleet of equipment and vehicles. The competent team offers road construction, industrial and structural engineering as well as sewer and pipeline construction. Paving work can also be carried out with pleasure.


Gußhausstraße 16, 1040 Vienna

E-Mail: office@pittel.at

Phone: +43 50 828 - 1000

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