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Billa Eichgraben, Concrete walls
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New construction Billa store
3032 Eichgraben, Gärtnerstraße 2

Client: Billa Immobilien GmbH

Construction time: 7 months

Construction specification:

Construction of a business premises on a plot with a height difference of about 7 meters.
Due to the large cut in the terrain, stratum water occurred from the beginning.
The required excavation support was implemented with a sprayed concrete wall.
The slope water was collected by means of a drainage pipe around the excavation pit and by means of temporary catch basins.
Production of a black tank to protect the building from the stratified water also during the utilization phase.
After completion of the roof construction ordered by the customer, the production of the thermal insulation composite system took place.
The total usable area is approx. 1,065m² and the sales area approx. 750m².


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