Pipeline construction, sewer construction, pipe laying

The sector of pipeline construction, sewer construction and pipe laying is an important key sector in which the company has experience dating back to the 19th century to call on. As long ago as 1880, Pittel+Brausewetter built Bratislava’s network of concrete sewers, shortly before it constructed the main sewer along the Vienna River.

Back as far as 1887, company founders Adolf Baron Pittel and Ing. Viktor Brausewetter published their extensive expertise and experience in the sector in a work titled Practical Guide on the Planning and Building of Concrete Sewers.


The construction of sewers for both councils and industrial firms has been a vital area of expertise for our company for decades. This offering has been enhanced with pipe laying work for water pipes. In Vienna, Pittel+Brausewetter acts as a contractor for the city’s gas, power, waterworks and public lighting companies while we also work for the EVN electrical group across Lower Austria.












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